Caitlin  Nesbit
Water filtration and flow permeates the conceptual core of my work. These concepts are clarified by my material choices and working processes. I enjoy utilizing a wide range of media, from aqueous paint, to installations, to glass and ceramic sculptures. I gravitate toward materials that require the use of water in order to take shape.

Affects of time and erosion are fascinating; they provide evidence of water’s immensely dynamic and transformative power. As an activist-artist, I channel my work toward improving water quality and availability through objects that signify the need for environmental remediation.

Water is an essential resource that humans exploit by diverting and controlling it through elaborately constructed systems for our convenience. I am exploring alternatives to our current systems by researching water technologies that mimic natural processes of water filtration and flow. "Innovation inspired by nature" provides the conceptual underpinnings of my current research; my artwork aims to elucidate the discrepancies and connections made between natural and man-made systems.